Ligthning-Edge: Döllken's luminous edge

Indirect lighting lends a certain cosy appeal to any living room. To date, this has only been possible with additional lighting, which often takes away space. The Lighting-Edge developed by Döllken provides furniture with an electroluminescent 3D edge, showing the furniture as a luminous integral part of the room.

The Lightning-Edge has applications whenever ambiance, light or safety is of concern, such as in the design of living room, kitchen, shop or office furniture. To make the edges glow, we sandwich a layer of electroluminescent material between two electrically conducting layers, one of which must be transparent. This layer begins to shine as soon as a voltage is applied. As opposed to the incandescent bulb, this luminescence is associated with negligible heat. The electroluminescent material also has a high expected service life of about 10 000 hours.


- More than 20 different embossing surfaces

- Unique surface feel through innovative embossing varieties

- Fine and rough embossings to suit individual needs

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